Handcrafted Kit Homes – Experience & Flexibility

Our company was established in 1990 to provide a range of timber kit homes that would offer an alternative choice to the conventional tiled-roof brick-veneer home. Our kit homes are usually constructed on piers with timber flooring and verandah decking, but construction on a concrete slab is an option.

We deliver Handcrafted Kit Homes within New South Wales only.

More on constructing your kit home
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Australian Handcrafted Kit Homes

Choose your new home from the extensive range at Handcrafted Homes. All of our kit home designs can be adapted to suit the demands of your building site and your individual requirements.

The Handcrafted Kit Homes' designs include barns, studios, granny flats, cottages and homesteads. Many of our kit homes are loft designs with a second living level incorporated into the steep roof. All of our kit home designs have shady verandas which assist in maximum energy efficiency.

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Why Choose A Handcrafted Kit Home?

Every Handcrafted Kit Home comes with a complete set of plans, working drawings and detailed layouts.

Each kit home has energy rating certification and can be adapted to build in bushfire prone areas.

We are completely flexible. We can deliver the materials for your kit home for the owner-builder or the professional builder to construct. We can, depending upon the location, arrange for your home to be constructed by a professional builder to either lock-up, or completion. The more you do, the more you’ll save.

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Please note, although our homes are kit/ materials package, all homes are to be built by a licenced, qualified builder, or experienced owner builder. Only frames and trusses are pre fabricated, all other material is supplied loose and the house is built conventionally.